Are you prepared for the time of your life? Donate your time and your laughter and make camp all it can be.

We're looking for individuals who are friendly, trustworthy, dedicated, and caring to donate 9 days of their time to being on staff at Camp Goodtimes. What you get in return is priceless. We take the job of caring for medically and emotionally fragile campers seriously, but we smile, laugh, and learn every day.  Each camp session, we need ~70 individuals to join us in making it a week to remember for approximately 120 campers. We also need veteran-only staff to assist with our 1-day Mini Camp. Are you one of them? 


Every position at camp is a needed position at camp. To create a magical and effective team we need a variety of skills and personalities:

  • Cabin Counselor: stays in cabins with campers, a lot of direct camper supervision

  • Cabin Assistance Personnel (CAP): supports a specific cabin and counselors but doesn't sleep in the cabin

  • Activities Crew: operates and supervises daily camper activities like bikes, games, and special events

  • Muscle Team: creates the spaces for camp to operate in, including setup/teardown and AV

  • Arts & Crafts: brings paint, tie dye, lanyards, and duct tape to life in new and engaging ways

  • Unit Leader (UL): cares for, and supervises over, the daily needs of campers and counselors

  • Spontinator (Spont): brings spontaneity, emcee skills, and week-long games and adventures to life

  • Medical Team (RNs & MDs): attends to the medical needs and overall health of campers

  • Mini Camp: veteran staff who lead a small group of campers, ages 5-7, at a 1-day camp

2019 staff Dates 

June 21–29, 2019
July 12–20, 2019
Mini Camp: July 17, 2019


Must be 18+ years old, meet minimum job requirements, be immunized/vaccinated, and be available for the duration of the 9-day camp period

How to Apply

If you are eligible to participate, the application process is as simple as one, two, three:

1. Access the online application
2. Fill out the application and associated documentation
3. Submit the application by the March 25, 2019 due date


Have a question about being on staff? You're likely not the first person so take advantage of our frequently asked questions


If you have any questions about requirements, camp, or the staff application process, please contact the camp director:

Tanya "Cooper" Krohn


If you meet the minimum eligibility requirements, are available from either June 21–29, 2019 or July 12–20, 2019, and believe that you would be a great addition to our Camp Goodtimes staff, simply visit the online application and follow the instructions to submit it by the March 25, 2019 deadline. Once submitted, the camp director will review your application. Official hiring notices will be sent in late April.

First-Time Applicants

Upon submission of an application, all new-staff applicants will be interviewed (in person or via phone) to determine whether they're a good fit for our camp. If hired, you will be invited to attend a new staff orientation in May, and will be required to complete 1-2 hours of online staff training prior to arrival at camp. In addition, you'll receive on-site training once at camp with fellow new and veteran staffers. All applicants must submit 3 references and background checks will be conducted.