How do I apply to camp?

If your child is between the ages of 5-7 and is a cancer patient currently on- or off-treatment, is a cancer survivor, or is the sibling of a patient (including a bereaved sibling), they are eligible to apply.

Follow these steps:

  • Submit the online application

  • Immediately, complete the online health profile and the Medical Sign-Off form (for on-treatment patients only)

  • After the application deadline has passed, await confirmation from the camp director about acceptance

when and where is mini camp held?

Beginning in 2020, Mini Camp will have two sessions, each consisting of a single day. Each Mini Camp session coincides with the Wednesday of either the June or July session of Camp Goodtimes.

Mini Camp is held at Camp Burton on Vashon Island, the same facility that we hold Camp Goodtimes. Attendees will have the opportunity to see any siblings attending Camp Goodtimes at lunch, but will participate in their own programming throughout the day.

what is mini camp all about?

Mini Camp is open to children 5-7 year’s old who have not yet met the minimum age (age 8) to attend the full week-long Camp Goodtimes program. It is intended to give these kids a peek into what camp is like so that when they are 8 years old and eligible to attend Camp Goodtimes, they will be acclimated to the location and traditions.