which session can alaska campers attend?

Each year, one camp session is designated as the official session for Alaska participants. Please visit the Camp Goodtimes page and reference the Alaska Campers section (near the bottom of the page) to learn which camp session is applicable for the current camp season.

During this designated session, The Goodtimes Project will provide ground transportation and chaperones from SeaTac airport to camp and back again.

However, if your child/children prefer to attend the alternate session they can absolutely apply and attend that session, HOWEVER no ground transportation or chaperones will be provided. Transport from SeaTac airport to camp (and back) will be the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to coordinate.

Regardless of the camp session attended, airline tickets will be purchased at no cost to families once campers are accepted to camp.

being from alaska do we have to do anything special to apply for camp?

Yes and no. No, in that you simply need to apply using the standard camper application process. Yes, in that on that application you'll need to click yes that you live in Alaska; clicking yes will open Alaska-specific questions that will help us identify potential Alaska campers.

The camp director will reach out to you once the application has been reviewed to confirm acceptance and to begin the ticket-purchase process.

how do airline tickets get purchased?

All Alaska campers accepted to Camp Goodtimes will receive free airfare purchased by The Goodtimes Project from either Anchorage or Fairbanks to Seattle on a designated flight. The camp director will be in touch with parents/guardians in mid-late April to confirm their early acceptance to camp as tickets need to be purchased by mid-May. 

Should campers be under the age of 13, they will need to fly as unaccompanied minors unless circumstances allow us to have a chaperone on the flight. All parents regardless of camper ages can get access to the departure and arrival gates by coordinating with the Alaska Airlines ticket desk for an escort pass.

What's the plan should an Alaskan camper need to leave camp early for medical, behavioral, or emotional reasons?

For campers coming from Alaska to Washington state to attend camp, we have created procedures pertaining to a health crisis or behavioral incident that would occur during the time period that that child is enrolled at Camp Goodtimes and away from a parent/guardian's care. Due to the distance between Alaska and our camp, it is unfeasible for parents/guardians to immediately come to camp and pick the camper up per our standard protocol. Please read our "Unplanned Alaska Camper Departure Agreement" for more details.

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