what session of camp is the LIT session?

Each year, one session of camp is designated at the LIT session, as this program is only run once a year. Please visit the Camp Goodtimes page and review the Leader In Training (LIT) Program section (near the bottom of the page) to learn which camp session is applicable for the current camp season.

how old must you be to be part of the lit program?

The LIT Program is open to veteran campers (campers who have attended Camp Goodtimes a minimum of 1 year in the past) who are or will be 17 years old at the time of camp. As their last year of eligibility, campers can choose to apply to this program or remain part of the oldest boys/girls cabin.

At the discretion of the camp director, campers who are 16 years old may apply, though preference is given to all 17-year-old applicants.

what happens if my lit app is not accepted?

The LIT program has a competitive application review and acceptance policy; not all applicants are accepted. If you apply and are not chosen to participate, you can still attend camp as a member of one of the oldest boys or girls cabins.

Acceptance to the LIT Program will be communicated prior to arrival at camp.

how do i apply to be an lit?

In addition to the standard camper application, individuals interested in participating in the LIT Program must also complete a separate LIT application which is inclusive of an application, a creative questionnaire, and a reference letter.

The deadline for the LIT application is typically 1-2 weeks past the standard camper application deadline.

Link to the LIT application