how do i apply to camp?

If your child is between the ages of 8-17 years of age living in Washington or Alaska and is a cancer patient currently on- or off-treatment, is a cancer survivor, or is the sibling of a patient (including a bereaved sibling), they are eligible to apply.

Follow these steps:

  • Submit the online application

  • Immediately, complete the online health profile and the Medical Sign-Off form (for patients on treatment only)

  • After the application deadline has passed, await confirmation from the camp director about acceptance

how many siblings can apply?

Each family is allowed to register two children (one patient/survivor and one sibling, or two siblings), allowing us to serve as many families as possible. All other siblings will be subject to a waitlist. If, after the application deadline has passed and camper acceptance notifications have gone out, there remains room for additional siblings we will notify families of potential openings.

Bereaved siblings are encouraged and welcome to apply.

what health limitations should i be aware of before applying?

As a medical camp, we are able to accept campers who might otherwise not be eligible to attend a typical summer camp. That said, we have limitations in place to ensure that we can accommodate for the health and safety of our campers.

Mobility: our camp facilities include rocky paths, hills, and long distances between activities. The camp director should be made aware if campers will be using a wheelchair as special arrangements may need to be made. Every year we accept campers with walkers and canes, using our on-site golf carts to shuttle campers when needed.

Cancer-related concerns: your child's health is as important to us as it is to you and though we try and create as safe an environment as possible campers need to be healthy enough to participate, including:

  • 1 year post transplant

  • ANC over 500

  • Platelet count over 50,000 and rising

  • Hematocrit of 25% or greater

  • Cleared by physician to attend camp (if on treatment)

General physical and mental health concerns: with cancer can come related health and wellbeing issues for both the patient and the sibling. Please ensure that all health concerns and treatment are included in the camper health profile, giving us as much visibility as possible. All physical and social needs will be cleared by camp medical staff and the camp director prior to acceptance to camp.

Immunizations: the routine vaccination of campers is an important public health matter, especially in the environment of a sleep-away camp for children whose immune systems may be compromised. Applicants are required to provide immunization dates as part of the application process. Campers who are current or former cancer patients may be exempt due to the nature of their treatment.