Summer camps are currently the heart of our program. Each camp offers children or young adults the chance to grow, belong, and rejuvenate while surrounded by peers who understand the impacts of childhood cancer.


All of our camps and events are no cost to the participant or family and are made possible through donations.

Our camps and retreats serve a population of campers aged 5-25 across distinct programs:

  • Camp Goodtimes: our flagship, week-long resident camp for campers aged 8-17. Each summer, we hold two sessions at Camp Burton on Vashon Island, one in June and one in July. Eligible campers must be a cancer patient (either on- or off-treatment) or a sibling of a cancer patient (including bereaved siblings). Learn more.

  • Kayak Adventure Camp: this young adult camp gives childhood cancer survivors aged 18-25 the opportunity to push their limits and independence in a week-long kayak adventure in the San Juan Islands. Get information.

  • Sibling Ski Camp: this weekend program gives siblings a chance to connect and share their stories while experiencing adventure based programming. This camp is open to youth ages 11-17 who have/had a sibling with cancer. Get information.

  • Mini Camp: this 1-day program is open to a limit of 20 campers ages 5-7 at each of its two sessions, including patients, survivors, and siblings. It's meant as an introduction to Camp Goodtimes. Learn more.

  • You and Me Retreat: one parent and one child from a family who has experienced pediatric cancer are invited to this weekend retreat to get reacquainted with one another through meaningful programming in a fun, campy atmosphere. Find out more.

Our Volunteers

We need the help of hundreds of people to make camps happen each year, including multi-day and single day time commitments:

  • Camp Staff: with camper to staff ratios of 5:1, we need an average of 150 individuals each camp season to donate their time to being full-time staff at our camps. We recruit candidates dedicated to caring for the wellbeing of our campers while also having the time of their life. Please note, each camp has its own eligibility requirements. Join us on staff.

  • Single-Day Volunteers: in addition to our full-time, non-paid staff, we rely on the generosity of 100+ individuals who give between 2–8 hours of their time to help with activities, check in, and set up. View opportunities.


We know first hand the positive benefits that a camp experience can have on children dealing with cancer. But don't just trust our word for it. The American Camp Association (ACA) published its own findings entitled, "Children with Cancer: Positive Benefits of Camp." Read article.

By the numbers

  • 250 campers served each year

  • 150 full-time staff volunteers hired

  • 210 gallons of water drank

  • 55 bottles of hand sanitizer used

  • 60 miles paddled

  • 400 meals eaten

  • 15 cases of whip cream thrown

  • $1,500 needed to enroll 1 camper

  • 1,200 yards of blue tape

  • 800 s'mores cooked

  • 200+ day-of volunteers welcomed

  • 1,000's of laughs, smiles, and good times

“This was one of the best experiences our family has had. My kids were very nervous not ever attending an overnight camp before but they had a wonderful time and can not stop talking about how wonderful it was.
— First time camper parent, 2015