Gala & Auction Committee


We are honored that the community leaders listed below give so freely of their time and talents to make our largest fundraiser such a resounding SUCCESS

*To join the 2018 Gala & Auction Committee, please contact Tina (

Thank you to our 2017 Acution Committee!

Martin Benning: Co-Chair 

Luke Madsen: Co-Chair

Communications Chair:        Logistics Co-Chairs:        Procurement Co-Chairs:

        Brooke Krakora                     Almeera Anwar &              Bridget Dolan & 

                                                     Chris Seavers                      Jameson Schwetz

Wine Auction Committee Members

Katya Allen: Founder

Jon Aslin

Meghan Barnes

Carol Bradley

Scott Bradley

Stefany Blinn

Paul Dudley

Katie Durham

Kristen Feeney

Kalie Folk

Emily Huston

Robert Maañao

Emily Malik

Kristina Markosova

Kara Menzer

Ryan Moses

Max Supler

AnnaLee Zenkner