We run multiple camps, and each has a unique set of volunteer staff positions available. The following details the types of positions we recruit for along with required skills and time commitments.

Camp Goodtimes

Camp Goodtimes staff are hired for a duration of 9 days, which includes on-site staff training and seven days with campers present. Nurses/providers are an exception and can volunteer in our MedShed anywhere between 1-9 days.

cabin counselor

Are you good at working with young kids, tweens, or teens? Enjoy leading by example and setting appropriate boundaries while encouraging fun and participation? Do you like interacting with kids in small groups of 7 to 9? Can you collaborate with another counselor and cabin assistant (CAP) to not just provide a fun and safe week for your campers, but to also help them grow? The details: • Lead by example in safety and in appropriate, group-oriented fun. • Provide a physically, socially, and emotionally safe and inclusive environment for campers. • Be able to adapt to meet the needs of campers with a variety of physical and developmental needs. • Sleep in a cabin with a co-counselor and 7-9 kids for the entire week.


Like the idea of being a cabin counselor but not sold on sleeping in a cabin? Want to work closely with a particular group of campers and see them on a daily basis? Are you interested in getting to know campers and do you have the energy, enthusiasm, and child management skills to support their success over the week of camp? CAPs (Cabin Assistance Personnel) work with a specific cabin all week as a third counselor/support staff by providing a fresh face and energy each day, but they sleep in staff quarters versus the cabin. The details: • Assist and influence a specific group of campers for the entire week. • Rotate into cabin counselor mode during other counselors' daily time off (STO). • Provide a physically, socially, and emotionally safe and inclusive environment for campers. • Be able to adapt to meet the needs of campers with a variety of physical and developmental needs. • Be a consistent and fun breath of fresh air.

activities crew

Are you interested in being a leader who facilitates a variety of activities throughout the week of camp? Do you like variety and a sense of purpose? Would you be willing to learn something new and help kids learn to love it? Do you have energy and enthusiasm and a willingness to help where needed? The details: • Become an advocate and cheerleader for daily camp activities such as fishing, bicycling, disc golf, field games, etc. • Prioritize camper safety and well-being while engaging and leading daily scheduled activities. • Throughout the week, be attentive to what works with kids and what doesn’t, and adapt accordingly. • Help kids who are having trouble understanding/engaging the activity and show/teach them how much fun new experiences can be!

Are you that person who loves to draw, paint, or play with colors? Do you have the patience and creativity to work with kids both young and old on camp art projects? If so, then we are looking for you! The details: • Design and implement art projects throughout the week. • Work with cabins and individual campers to keep them engaged and encouraged to finish projects. • Support camp-wide decorating or impromptu events during the week. • Possess a willingness to work with kids who have high emotional and physical needs. • Have the patience to maintain a clean work space in the midst of creative and messy projects. • Ability to clean up and pack inventory at the end of the camp week. • Lifting is occasionally required (up to 25 lbs).

Arts & Crafts

Ever wanted to be the stage manager behind the scenes of a camp? Does the life of a child-friendly roadie intrigue you? Come be the muscle that allows the body of camp to move. The details: • Lifting (up to 50+ lbs.) and bending are required. • Fun, adaptable personalities who are capable of multitasking and planning ahead are a must! • Maintain and set up all camp equipment and events (A/V, water jugs, tables, chairs, golf carts, etc.) • Set up and tear down activities/events such as carnival and bicycling. • Assist all of camp with building props, creating stages, moving canopies or anything else to help pull off an awesome week!


Do you have a history of volunteering at camp and a comprehensive understanding of it's day-to-day? Are you engaging, approachable, and able to talk to a variety of visitors, including donors, camper families, and volunteers? Can you write a meaningful thank you note and act as a time-out location for campers in need? The details: • Must have been a camp staffer for 3+ years. • Great communication and planning skills, creativity a bonus. • Greet all camp visitors and check them in as guests. • Be willing to miss or be late to events/gatherings to ensure camp needs are met. • Friendly face of camp to all visitors and volunteers, including sharing info about how they can engage with camp. • Provide help throughout camp as needed.


Can you captivate an audience? Can you work creatively with others to create spontaneous skits, songs, and games all in the name of laughter and joy? Are you a strong communicator? If your middle name is spontaneous FUN, then this is the role for you! The details: • At least one year of experience as Camp Goodtimes volunteer staff is strongly recommended. • An ability to work together as a team, bring high energy, and gauge the needs of campers. • Lead camp through the week in all things fun! Insert yourself into cabins and inject goofy spontaneity wherever you are. • Make announcements during meals, emcee skit nights, and guide the camp through the week’s theme. • Kick off songs and camp activities and get campers involved. • Assist individual campers or cabins who might need a little extra joy in their day. • Perpetuate and create new camp traditions.


Do you have great people management skills or a knack for handling child behavioral issues? ULs work as a team to ensure the camper management portion of camp runs smoothly. The details: • At least one year of experience as Camp Goodtimes volunteer staff is required. • Oversee a group of cabins and help encourage, grow and guide the cabin counselors. • Ability to provide consistent and constructive feedback. • Ability to model best behavior for campers and volunteers, furthering sense of unity and team. • Be an expert on camp procedures and protocols. • Work closely with Camp Director and Burton staff. • Help resolve rough cabin dynamics when you see an issue arise with either counselors or campers. • Assist in implementation of cabin or group special activities during the week.

unit leader

Are you a licensed medical professional: nurse, NP, or doctor? Would you like to interact with kids outside of the hospital or clinic? If that sounds like you, join our team of nurses and doctors in the “MedShed”. The details: • Must provide requisite credentials as a medical professional. • Administer daily and emergency medications to campers. • Monitor physical and mental well-being of campers and sometimes staff. • Be present and available at activities around camp and off-site activities. • Be on call during the day and sometimes at night to respond to medical concerns.

  • For more specifics about being a nurse at camp, check out the Nurse Portal. If you’re a MD or NP and want to volunteer as our onsite provider, visit the Provider Portal.

nurse/ provider

Are you or have you been a professional caregiver at a group home/school/hospital, or are you medically trained but would prefer not to volunteer at camp as a nurse? The Medical CAP position is a mix of caregiver and counselor designed to assist high-needs campers to experience camp to their fullest. The details: • Be a 1-to-1 aid/caregiver to a specific camper for the entire week, yet still integrate with that camper's cabin, meeting other campers and co-counseling with 2 primary counselors. • Coordinate camper needs with medical team/nurses as appropriate/needed. • Provide a physically, socially, and emotionally safe and inclusive environment for the camper. • Typical aid/caregiver duties could include: helping toilet/shower, assisting with mobility to various camp locations, help dressing/changing, coordination of medical needs (changing a dressing, reminding to take medications), and integrating camper into daily activities at the level in which they can engage/participate • You may or may not sleep in the camper's cabin depending on need.

medical cap