who is eligible to attend and what kayaking or camping experience do they need to have?

The Kayak Adventure Camp is open to young adult cancer survivors ages 18-25. Participants need to be off treatment for a minimum of 10 months to apply and need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have no port/port-a-cath

  • Ability to carry equipment and personal belongings up to 100 yards

  • Assist in the set-up, preparation, and cleanup of camp and meals

  • Paddle 3–5 hours per day

Beyond that, a positive attitude and a sense of adventure are also needed. No prior camping or kayaking experience is required, however participants should recognize in themselves whether this type of camp is something that they would take to or not.

what does a typical day look like on the kayak trip?

Every day holds something new, but typically you can rely on the following happening:

  • Eat breakfast, helping cook and wash dishes

  • Tear down camp and pack the kayaks with both personal and shared camp gear

  • Paddle 3-4 hours to our next camping destination

  • Eat lunch on a secluded beach

  • Unpack the kayaks and transport the gear to the camping site

  • Set up personal camping area; either tent or hammock

  • Fun time to play games, read, or explore

  • Help cook dinner and clean up

  • Share highlights of the day by a campfire (weather permitting)

what do we bring/ pack for the trip?

There is a standard list of items needed by every camper who attends the Kayak Camp. It is their responsibility to bring the required items or inquire about borrowing from our limited supply. Some items are provided by the Goodtimes Project or our guides, like tents, meals, and kayaks while other items are the responsibility of participants.

View the kayak packing list