We run multiple camps, and each has a unique set of volunteer staff positions available. The following details the types of positions we recruit for along with required skills and time commitments.

Mini Camp

Mini Camp staff are hired for a single day. Because it is a one-day camp, we only hire veteran volunteers for these positions, as they are already versed in our policies, procedures, and location.

cabin counselor

Be the primary camp-day counselor for a group of Mini Camp campers. This includes being present at check-in in Tacoma to meet campers and help get them on the ferry and bus to camp.

activities crew

Run activities, such as field games, waterfront/beach combing, or arts and crafts. Teach and instruct campers how to do the assigned activity and help get it set/prepped, as well as cleaned up. NOTE: counselors will be present at all activities, but you are the activity leader.


Be the primary care giver for the onsite group of Mini campers, including doing meds intake at check-in in Tacoma. NOTE: you will be supported by the Camp Goodtimes provider on call and nursing team as needed when at camp.