The Goodtimes Project was formed in late 2013 to carry on the 30-year legacy of Camp Goodtimes, and to ensure no-cost programming remained available to local families dealing with the financial and emotional costs of childhood cancer. With years of volunteerism in our back pockets and a can-do attitude, we built a non-profit from the ground up and didn't skip a beat in successfully operating our first independent camp sessions in 2014.


When cancer becomes your world, The Goodtimes Project creates caring spaces for local families to connect and kids to be kids, through camps, events, and programs. We serve families throughout Washington and Alaska with a goal of providing cost-free programing to help them reconnect with a world beyond their diagnosis. 


Cancer doesn’t discriminate, it affects people from every walk of life. With this in mind The Goodtimes Project welcomes all children and families affected by childhood cancer and volunteers to be a part of our programs — regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender-identity, disability, sexual orientation or status as a U.S. citizen. Our community of Western Washington and Alaska is a diverse one and we strive to reflect that in all that we do.

Currently, our signature program is to offer families affected by childhood cancer a week of summer camp at no cost. We continually strive to create camp as a space which:

  • Affirms the joys of childhood often missed by those in treatment

  • Fosters friendships between children and families who share common experiences

  • Instills confidence through a variety of programs and activities

  • Cares for their social safety as well as their medical safety

  • Strives to send the children back into the world as more independent, caring, and capable youth

  • Offers parents peace of mind as they entrust their children to camp, and take a well-deserved break


Annual Report

Our ability to make camp happen is directly related to the financial, in-kind, and volunteer donations that we receive. See what we can make happen with your support.