Mini Camp

Hello Parents and Guardians! Please "shop" in the four category sections below for the camp-related information that you're looking for. Can't find what you need? Please contact the Program Manager, Becky Felak at or check out these FAQs.


Documents & Links

Need a document to submit? Or, looking for the URL to complete your camper's application? Simply click to download.



Get info on everything from camper eligibility to medical criteria to how many siblings can accompany a patient to camp.

Important Dates

Stay on top of this season's important dates:

  • Camper applications due= May 3

  • Attendance confirmation email= May 13

  • Mini Camp Sessions=

    • Mini One: Wednesday, July 1

    • Mini Two: Wednesday, July 22

Logistics & How To's

Learn about the check-in process and get directions to the drop-off and pick-up location: